Wearable Innovation Lab @ City University of Hong Kong


The Wearable Innovation Lab at CityU is a new venue for students to synergize and prototype novel wearable inventions for improving life and productivity, alleviating societal problems and expressing interesting ideas that will impact our community positively. This initiative combines wearable tech with social innovation mindset in offering a highly engaging and interdisciplinary platform for students to make their original discovery and embrace a strong sense of social responsibility.

Wearable technology is regarded as the future of consumer electronics and the next decade’s biggest technological movement. It has immense potential to improve the well-being of individuals and quality of life. Embracing wearable tech for new inventions can also bring meaningful contributions to the society.

At the Lab, students will learn a wide range of hands-on skill for designing and prototyping wearable devices and systems in workshop settings. Workshop topics range from e-Textile/soft circuitry, conductive fabric, to 3D printing and app-enabled wearables. Students are trained not only to appreciate and enjoy the benefits brought by wearable consumer products, but taking a step further to create their own inventions that may generate innovative solutions to help people who are in need, aged or underprivileged, and bring social interventions to solve the social ills in our community.